You must be asking yourself, just what is a Maniac? That is actually a good question! Several years ago a group called Mandelbulb Maniac was formed on FaceBook as a teaching platform for anyone wanting to learn about the fractal generator Mandelbulb 3D. The group administrators post tutorials, challenge and encouragement, which has been a winning concept. Now over 8000 strong  the Mandelbulb Maniac group continues to grow and has lead to several other groups being founded on FaceBook as well. The core membership of Mandelbulb Maniac  has always been a very kind, sharing and easy going. So, it just seemed logical that the members would want to reach out and do something to help others outside the group! This site will be the conduit for projects that allow members to extend their compassion beyond the group itself! We hope you will join us in this effort, regardless if you are a group member or not.