The Return of Depth and Color

Mandelbulb 3D is my first love but when I discovered Kaleider some time back it blew me away! Now whenever I create a fractal in Mandelbulb 3D it automatically gets pumped through Kaleider also just to see what really cool images are waiting to be discovered! Here is the latest round of gems that I call “The Return of Color and Depth”. Please like and subscribe!


It’s a Sale-A-Thon Event

Created for We Sell Fractal Art, this is the first of its kind for this group! Hopes are high for a huge turnout of buyers and sellers alike. The Facebook event is scheduled for January 21st at 2;00 pm, Texas time. Sellers will be posting their best art at discounted prices and will available to answer questions from potential buyers. It will be a one-hour event and everyone is welcome to participate. So mark your calendars and bring your love for fractal art to the It’s a Sale-A-Thon Event on the 21st. We will see you there!

Update Report

Maniacs Making a Difference

Way to go gang! Let’s keep folding for this great cause!

Report generated on 15:04:15 January 06, 2017
Date of last work unit 2017-01-05 13:05:13
Active CPUs within 50 days 4
Team Id 232223
Grand Score 15513 (certificate)
Work Unit Count 60 (certificate)
Team Ranking (incl. aggregate) 39573 of 225871

Welcome Maniacs

Maniacs are fractal artist by choice, but we are also regular people with jobs, family and other interest outside of our love of fractals. Here we can gather together on a variety of projects,  help others and make a difference in the lives of people in need!

Our First Community Project

Scientists at Stanford University and around the world utilize your donated computer time to better understand and develop cures for some of humanity’s worst diseases. Simply by running Folding@home software you are aiding research for Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and many cancers.

People like you, from all over the globe, currently donate the unused power of over a quarter of a million computers, forming the world’s most powerful distributed super-computer.

I just set up a Team for us called Maniacs Making a Difference! When you log in use team id # 232223 so our progress can be tracked. The software is available for windows, mac as well as several different linux platforms!